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Book Happy Goals


The 3rd edition of the book Happy Goals is available, changed in appearance thanks to its practical spiral binding.

The book Happy Goals is a practical tool, where you will find a tested and working method to define and achieve your happy goals, through what are the happy habits, the diary and the musical emotion with the MP8 soundtrack.

Turn your goals into happy results right away.

Details in brief

Author: Fabio Zancanella
Number of pages: 180
Cover type: flexible
Publisher: Tipolitografia Botalla
ISBN-10: 8897794378
ISBN-13: 978-8897794370



The book Happy Goals is developed in 5 steps:

  1. Pages of inspiration and understanding of the method, all to read.
  2. Useful pages for the definition of the objective, using the ottovolante method.
  3. Pages to be written, listening to the files that you can download from the MP8 soundtrack
  4. Pages to write to have your logbook and turn the goal into a concrete result
  5. Pages dedicated to your personal habits that are empowering and happy.

When you get your first goal happy, you can replicate the method to infinity any new “challenge” you want to take, in this sense all the content, the method, the music and habits will already belong to you that you will need from scratch is the diaro and the space to write the new objective, for this reason we have thought about the “recharge happy goals”, inside you will find everything you need to proceed with a new goal or continue with the current that you are taking need of additional time.

The book “Happy Goals” is ideal for all coaches, trainers, companies that care about the goals and all those who are interested in personal growth and want to improve every day.

The author summarizes in the book all his experience as a student and entrepreneur with many collaborators in tow.

All his knowledge acquired directly in the field alongside other students, coaches and the guidance of numerous collaborators.

A method developed to solve the problem related to the loss of value of live courses once back home, and it is from this motivation that the diary was born, initially developed only for personal use and for my collaborators, today it has become a reality established and requested by large companies and training companies that want to adopt the Happy Goals diary in their company

Precisely for this reason Happy goals is made “tailor-made for you”, because it will be you to give it the cut that best suits your being, through your habits and with your purpose of happy world.


Make the “Happy Goals” diary book unique and original through personalization.

  • Free personalization over 50 copies.
  • Under 50 copies request your estimate at the email

The opportunity is designed for companies that want to offer employees this method, while communicating a specific message related to the vision and objectives of the company but also for professionals who want to present themselves and illustrate their service, finalizing the objectives in a characteristic way.

In the cover flap you can insert an image and write your own personal story or a meaningful message.

In the back of the book you can enter the company logo and a sentence that represents its values ​​and purposes.

You can also indicate in the pages of the Diary one more objectives consistent with the specific proposals for growth and make the journey to new happy results truly unique.

Purchasing the book, specify in the purchase notes “REQUEST FOR CUSTOMIZATION”.

Our chart will contact you to listen to all your requests and send you a graphic draft. Your personalized Happy Goals will not print until you are satisfied and approve the draft.

What are you waiting for?
Make yourself unique and your goals.


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